Sago Mao
Sago Mao Icon 1
Eromon Information
Type: Emerald Type
Initial Rarity: HR Rarity
Final Rarity: SR Rarity
Innate Move: Hi-Heal
BWH: 77/55/79
Height: 156cm
Illustration: Unreleased
Voice: Unreleased

Sago Mao is an Emerald-Type, HR→SR Eromon, currently listed as the 23rd Eromon in the Album Collection.

Obtainable from:

  • Multi-Spin Gacha
  • Rank UP Gacha
  • R/HR Ticket Gacha
  • Gacha Pt
  • Tokioi City story quests

Was obtainable from:

Album Entry

An office lady who imagines a world war breaking out if she makes a mistake at work. She does slow work because of her painstaking care, but she makes no mistakes and her boss heavily depends on her.


Level HP MP Attack Defense Provocation Speed
1 943 399 405 329 288 180
50 4821 801 1305 1234 579 212




Description Lv MP Cost Power
Heals all allies.
Lv1 750 500
LvMax 700 700


HR Rarity: I'd be in biiiiig trouble if these super important documents got all torn up...burned up...lost...

SR Rarity: Ohhh no...oh no oh no oh no... Whatever will I do if I happen to cause the next world war...?