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Move level increases power of Eromon's move effect, making it more effective. Not to be confused with Moves UP which affects MP required.

Move Power Level

Explain UI here

  1. Select Eromon to upgrade
  2. Select Eromon to sacrifice
  3. Select success rate boosting Eromon/items
  4. Press Button

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Important Information

  • Generally, move power increase is by +1 for buffs, -1 for debuffs, and +20 for healing/attack moves. Purge and time gauge refill moves are not affected by upgrades.
  • Very important is that move levels DO NOT transfer when you Transfer Moves (e.g. transferring a lvl 4 move will force you to start from lvl 0 again), so if you want to power up your Eromon's move, make sure that either the move is in large abundance, or the Eromon is compatible with the rest of your team stat-wise.
  • Moves can only be powered up by Eromon with identical move name and effect. Using Alexander's 40 Prov Up move to power up Neneko's move with identical effect is not possible. They both have to have the same name.