What is Fortune?


Fortune is a feature that will help players acquire Limited Eromons and several items, including valuable items like monster gems and reprint ticket. Fortune is firstly introduced on 13 November, the same date as the Huge Breasts Extravaganza Event Began.

The Fortune Icon is located under the Ranking Box in the upper right of the screen. Player can also access it from Menu button.

The Fortune is from Unmo shrine where Yurika Yasaka is the one in charge of it.

How to Play

To play Fortune, a player needs an item called Fortune Ticket. Each fortune ticket will reward the user a eromon/item in the fortune list randomly. Maximum 10 Fortune Tickets can be played in one try.

There are several ways to get Fortune Ticket known in the game.

Exchanging Fairies

First time introduced in the game, players can get a Fortune Ticket by exchanging 20 fairies for one.

The second time the fortune is up, it cost 100 fairies. During the Sorry for the Beheading! Event however this method is not available.

Purchasing Stamina Pack

By purchasing Stamina Pack, a player can get 3 Fortune Tickets as bonus. Stamina pack cost 1,000 Nutaku Gold, it consists of 10+1 Stamina Potion.

Purchasing Monster Gem Pack

By purchasing Monster Gem Pack, a player can get 10 Fortune Tickets as bonus. Monster Gem Pack costs 3,000 Nutaku gold and it consists of 11 Monster Gem + 1 USDD Banana.

Drop From Boss

In the Sorry for the Beheading! Event, a new method of getting Fortune Ticket is introduced. This item will be a drop from an event boss when a player clears it. The amount of the drop is as follow:

  • Stages 4,8 and 12: 1 Fortune Ticket
  • Stage 13 Intermediate: 2 Fortune Tickets
  • Stage 14 Advanced: 3 Fortune Tickets
  • Stage 15 Special: 5 Fortune Tickets

Additionally, rare eromons will drop 20 Fortune Tickets in a run.

In a 3x mode run, the Fortune Tickets acquired are tripled.


The reward of Fortune are mostly Alchemy gems and items, while the best reward will be Limited Eromon. Grab them before they're gone.

Below are list of the Limited Eromons as the reward.

Reward Event Probability
Yurika Yasaka chibi

Yurika Yasaka
Huge Breasts Extravaganza!
Poolside Battlefield
Urara Kurihara chibi

Urara Kurihara
Huge Breasts Extravaganza!
Hard-Boiled Marathon In Hell
Haru Oinomori chibi

Haru Oinomori
Tokioi Wedding Party
Sorry for the Beheading!Summer Vanish


Lady chibi

Tokioi Wedding Party
Sorry for the Beheading!In Search of Love


Hinata natsumi chibi

Hinata Natsumi
Operation: Save the City in the Sky 1:1501
Goma Kurakake chibi

Goma Kurakake
Desire Overload!? 1:1501

Of Kingcraft And Star-Sea Gods 1:1501
Mero Ui Chibi

Mero Ui
Seraphina Culture Fest 2016 1:1501
Masane Soushi Chibi

Masane Soushi
Villain Reunion! 1:1501
Shignaria chibi

The Virus Materializes! Catty Rampage! 1:1501
Teufel chibi

Secret Magic 1:1501
Maori chibi

Crazy Winter StrategyHow the Professor Stole Christmas 1:1501


Aphrodite chibi

First Dream Hypnotism! 1:1501
Yuugiri chibi

The Villains Counterattack 1:1501
Cupid Chibi

Chills and Thrills! 1:1501
Aya Morioka chibi

Aya Morioka
Chocolate Revolution 1:1501
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