Enhance is where you spend Lovey-Dovey Hearts to unlock special sexy scenes with owned Eromon. Enhancing Eromon raises their rarity level, which increases their statistics slightly and modifies their appearance (this can later be changed at will to any unlocked appearance in the Eromon List section). The number and types of scenes available, however, depends on the max rarity of the Eromon in question. 


In the Enhance interface, you can see the selected Eromon's current appearance (by default this is her latest unlocked appearance, but as mentioned above this can be changed in the Eromon List section) and all currently unlocked scenes. All Eromon have touchy-feely scenes unlockable, but higher rarity Eromon, namely SSR, L, and SL rarities, have sexy scenes available as well.

To enhance Eromon:

  1. Select Enhance from the menu
  2. Select the Eromon you wish to enhance
  3. Click on the Enhance! button in the Enhance interface to unlock scenes (only if enough Lovey-Dovey Hearts are available). A confirmation panel will pop up showing the amount of Lovey-Dovey Hearts to be spent. Click on Use! to continue or Quit to cancel.


The number of Lovey-Dovey Hearts needed for each unlock are fixed according to the table below.

Scene (by Rarity) Unlock Stage Lovey-Dovey Hearts Required Cumulative Lovey-Dovey Hearts Required
R/HR/SR (Touchy-Feely)* 1

N: 20

R: 50

HR: 100

N: 20

R: 50

HR: 100

2 30

N: 50

R: 80

HR: 130

3 70

N: 120

R: 150

HR: 200

SSR (Sexy Scene) 1 200 400
2 30 430
3 70 500
4 100 600
L (Sexy Scene)/SL (Animated Sexy Scene) 1 300 900
2 30 930
3 70 1000
4 100 1100
5 200 1300
Extras (SSR to SL only) 200

SSR: 800

L/SL: 1500

*The number of Lovey-Dovey Hearts needed for the first enhance depends on starting rarity, not final rarity. All Eromon with Sexy Scenes have initial rarity of HR.

Earning Lovey-Dovey Hearts

Lovey-Dovey Hearts are dropped during quest stages, and during non-special event stages. They are also rewarded for the first clear of the first and second boss stages during the event, and as part of event ranking rewards. You can hold 99,999x of them at once. Since they are so easy to acquire, it is recommended that they be used to enhance non-SSR+ rarity Eromon before they are sacrificed in Moves UP so as to maximise Moves EXP gain.